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2020 Graduation Information

Dear Parents/Guardians and the Class of 2020, 

The Class of 2020 is one that will be remembered for years to come. Although this year has been marked by opportunities lost for so many, especially our Seniors, this year also represents the best of the Somers community. People have come together and have rallied behind our Seniors - creating mementos for each student, cheering them on at the parade, posting lawn signs in front yards, and by expressing goodwill towards these students in many different ways.   

Our graduation, which will take place on June 11th, will mark the last time this group comes together as a unified class. We have created a special program that will honor this class and highlight their accomplishments, while adhering to the rules and guidelines outlined by the Governor, the Connecticut State Department of Education, and both Mansfield and Somers health authorities. 

Here are the details so that you can plan accordingly. This information will be handed out to seniors when they pick up/drop-off materials on June 8th and 9th. It will also be posted on the website.


Program Format:

    • Gates will open for graduates at 6:30pm
    • Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:15pm
    • Conferral of Diplomas - Individual student names will be called. The student and up to two family members, from the same vehicle, will proceed to the designated location to receive their diploma. They will then proceed to an area designated for pictures and will then return to their vehicle. Masks must be worn by all party members except at the moment the picture is taken. 
    • At approximately 8:30pm, pre-recorded speeches, senior award and scholarship recognition will be shown on the big screen (students will not be coming up)

Principal’s Message

Senior Awards 



Class President/Salutatorian

Musical Performance


Commencement Speaker

Senior portrait montage as cars exit the facility

Ceremony concludes at approximately 9:15pm. 

Important Information:

      • The entire event will be streamed live for all family members and friends who cannot attend.
      • Each graduate will be given one vehicle pass. If an additional vehicle pass is needed, please click on the link below and fill out the appropriate information. Please note that we only have a limited number of additional spaces available. Priority will be given to those with split households. Also, please be aware that these additional passes will be for parking spaces that are further away from the ceremony stage. Once the additional passes are fully allocated, no other passes will be issued. We apologize for these limitations. 


The deadline for requesting the additional vehicle pass is June 7th

Click here to request an additional parking space


      • All School Board policies are in effect for this event.
      • Only Passenger vehicles, SUV’s, and Pickup Trucks will be allowed. 
      • The Mansfield Drive-In cannot accommodate larger vehicles.
      • Walk-in attendees will not be allowed.
      • Graduate vehicles may be appropriately decorated with signs not to extend beyond the top of the automobile so that all families may enjoy the ceremony without having their view impaired.



Gary Cotzin
Somers High School

Coronavirus Response Plan

Somers High School


I.  Delivery of Instruction


1.  Teachers will deliver activities/assignments through the online platforms currently available through the school.  Assignments, assessments, and feedback can be delivered through Google Classroom.  Students are currently utilizing this platform and have familiarity with the functionality.


2.  Teachers will deliver instruction through various platforms: Google Hangouts/Meet, screen recording options, and chat features in Google Slides.  Teachers will utilize either asynchronous or synchronous learning during the school day. The option of which to utilize is at the discretion of the staff member. Links to join the Hangout/Meet group will be coordinated and sent to appropriate students in preparation for the class period.  All teachers will be available to answer questions at some point during each period or throughout the day.


Beginning April 13, 2020, we will run traditional distance learning days from Monday through Thursday. Fridays will not be instructional days and new classwork will not be assigned; rather, these days will be reserved for our students and parents to seek support from teachers, tutors, and paraprofessionals. 


Because we are eliminating Friday as an instructional day, for the duration of distance learning, we will be eliminating the rotating STRIVE schedule. Each class will meet each day and at the same time every day. 


Period 1                       7:40 - 8:20

Period 2                       8:25 - 9:05

Period 3                       9:10 - 9:50

Period 4                       10:00 - 10:40 

Period 5                       10:45 - 11:25

LUNCH                      11:30 - 12:00 

Period 6                       12:05- 12:45

Period 7                       12:50  - 1:30

Period 8                       1:35 - 2:15



3.  Paraprofessionals will engage with the direct instruction through their laptops and will review the assignment expectations through Google Classroom. Teachers will need to ensure the paraprofessionals working with them have direct access to these resources.  After the direct instruction, paraprofessionals can also open a separate Google Hangouts/Meet link and offer support to students who require access to specialized instruction or classroom support.


4.  If using Email with students outside of Google classroom, messages should be clear in articulation within the subject heading as students may be receiving many links and emails over the course of the day.  The Date, Class Period, and Subject Summary should be included in each subject heading for each email.


5.  Instruction for students without access to technology

Teachers can provide the office staff with copies of work that needs to be completed.  A filing system can be arranged through the school to allow families to drive to the building to pick up packets of work.  These packets can and should include copies of classroom notes helping students to access the direct instruction that occurred for the class.



II.  Special Education Delivery

Our special education teachers and related providers continue to reach out to our students on IEPs and their families, providing educational continuity through interim learning opportunities aligned to IEP goals during the period of COVID 19 school closure.  Special education teachers will work with general education teachers and paraeducators to modify assignments, scaffold instruction and support student learning, to the greatest extent possible. Pupil services personnel will be implementing student's special education and/or related services through both individual and group video conferencing formats.  These services may be provided in a group setting with multiple students participating in the video conference (such as zoom, google classroom, google hangout, etc). Student names and video images will be visible to the teacher and other participating students.  We strongly encourage you to have your children participate via a location that is quiet and free of distraction, to the extent possible. Other individuals in the home are not permitted to participate in or be visible on the video conference, or otherwise observe the lesson, other than reasonable adult supervision of the student.  Parents and students are prohibited from recording video conferencing sessions. All individuals shall comply with relevant Board of Education policies, including but not limited to those concerning the confidentiality of student records and acceptable use of district computer systems. Student privacy and the confidentiality of student information is of utmost importance.  However, we are not in direct control of individual homes or physical locations of participating students. 

PPT meetings will continue according to timelines and adhere to telephonic conferencing protocol.  504 Plan Meetings are suspended through April 17th. Scheduling of 504 Plan Meeitngs will commence April 20th and will adhere to telephonic conferencing protocol if schools remained closed  504 Plans are a general education accommodation and will be met in the context of the general education plan for continuity of education through alternative learning opportunities on distance learning days. 504 related services will be delivered as alternative learning opportunities by those related providers. When access to Pupil Services Office allows, hard copies of records / documents will be sent by USPS mail, until then all records, documents, reports, invites will be sent electronically. Please reach out to us or Director of Pupil Services, Denise Messina, if you have any questions and concerns.

III.  School-Home Communications


Step 1 

Teacher makes initial contact with student regarding missing assignment(s). Teacher will include  the parent, counselor, case manager (if applicable) when contacting the student. 


Step 2 

Teacher is not getting response from student / parent and work continues to not be completed. Teacher contacts counselor and case manager (if applicable) and administration about elevated level of concern. Counselor will reach out (email and call) to parent for General Education / 504 student. Special Ed case manager will follow up for students with an IEP. 


Step 3 

If the counselor or Case Manager is not getting a response, administration will be notified. Administration will then make contact accordingly.


Step 4 

If administration does not get a response from the parent, a registered letter will be sent regarding the concern. 

IV. School Organization

  1. Administration will connect daily in order to discuss student, parent, and staff        concerns.


  1. Secretaries will need to be able to access the voicemail system remotely.


  1. Phone calls during the school day will need to be routed to personal cell phones or personal landlines appropriately.


  1. All staff should have access to administrator cell phone numbers.


  1. Weekly conference call between the Principal, Assistant Principal, and Main Office Secretaries to discuss the functioning of the school, needs, and process concerns.


  1. If essential staff reports to school, paper copies of electronic work should be made available to students without technology.  Secretarial staff should make arrangements to monitor the need for paper copies of work through communications with teachers as well as communications with individual families.  Copies should be made and a decision will need to be made regarding delivery of these materials to individual home mailboxes or pick-up of these materials on the exterior of the school.


PLC Meeting Times


1. A conference call will be set up via Google Hangouts/Google Meet for departments. These meetings will occur during normal PLC meeting times. Included in these meetings will be the Principal and Assistant Principal.


2. This will provide opportunities for Team Members to discuss and troubleshoot instructional challenges in the virtual setting, communicate concerns regarding emotional, mental, and behavioral health of students, and check in on each other to ensure instructional and personal stability.


V. Library-Media Services


1. Tenley Stoltz would be available to students and staff for troubleshooting various applications and communication needs to assist in the delivery of instruction to students.


2. Online books and databases will be available through the Library Media Center webpage. Home login information is available at the top of the Database page.


3. Sara Coelho (paraprofessional) would also be available to assist students and staff as needed.


VI. Nursing Services


1.  Nurse will need to determine a platform for recording confirmed cases of Coronavirus within students and staff.  This data will be vital in helping the Superintendent, Town, and State to determine when school may function as normal.


2.  Nurse will need her phone calls forwarded to her phone to allow for the communication of health/medical needs as well as to answer questions from concerned parents.