2019 Best High School

2019 Best High School
Posted on 06/19/2019
U.S. News and World Report We wanted to be sure you knew about your school’s elite status in what we believe to be the most holistic and comprehensive evaluation of U.S. public high schools ever published. It ranked high enough in our recently published Best High School 2019 rankings to be called a “Best” High School and to display a coveted U.S. News Best High Schools award badge.

Here are some details, along with a link to what we published:
High School: Somers High School
Badge-eligible ranking: National

Only the top 40% of schools earned eligibility to display a trademarked Best High Schools 2019 badge. U.S. News “Best” badges are widely recognized as symbols of excellence in U.S. education. Many award-winning schools have displayed them to enhance school spirit and community pride – as well as to maintain attendance levels that are often crucial to obtaining adequate state funding.